What is a Tenkeyless (TKL) Keyboard? How to Identify them?

sIt is no denying that gaming has been receiving the upper hand for the last few years. As per the result, the equipment and tools used in gaming are updated to provide better use. Here, we are going to learn about one such gaming tool known as the TKL keyboards. If you are wondering what is a TKL keyboard then just look at your gaming keyboard. If it lacks a numeric pad then it is a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard. 

As a gamer, you should learn more about this tool to get a boosted performance on your console. So, let’s move in and learn. 

What do you mean by TKL keyboard?

what is a TKL keyboard

A TKL keyboard is deprived of numeric pads 0 to 9 located on the right corner of a full-size keyboard. Not only these numerical keys but signs keys like plus, minus, enter, num lock, and scroll lock are also removed from there. 

That means you will get a better space on your keyboard by eliminating double-placed keys and pads. This is why professional gamers love the TKL keyboard for Tfue Warzone settings.

How many keys does a TKL have?

keys in a TKL keyboard

There is a total of 87 keys on a TKL mechanical keyboard. However, if there is a full layout size keyboard then it consists of 108 keys. That means 21 keys are removed from the keyboard. 

Instead of 87, several new-edged TKL keyboards end up with 92 keys. Make sure to get these space-saving keyboards for enhancing several skills of gaming. Also, you can boost the work while working only through the specific keys. 

Manufacturers put it the right way by eliminating all the twice added keys from the device. You must use these TKL keyboards on your system for better performance and reliability.

Performance on a TKL Keyboard

tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard

TKL based keyboards bring their name into the industry with their compact design and built-in method. These keyboards do not restrict you to limited spaces. That means you can enjoy freely working without worrying about traveling and moving outside. 

However, many users who have major works on those numeric pads might not like this keyboard. They may prefer the full-sized keyboard consisting of numerical keys. Spreadsheets users get the best outcomes from non-TKL keyboards as their work depends on the numbers and figures. 

But, for gamers, it’s like a dream come true. They can enjoy the compact design and space and move faster to fight back against enemies. That is better than a non-TKL keyboard which leaves no space for gamers to perform better. Well, that’s where its need arises to boost up the gaming experience. 

Several Pros of using a TKL Keyboard

There are several advantages that a gamer can receive through the TKL keyboard. You must move into the pointers below to learn what they are:

1. Tilting of keyboard is easy


Gamers have arisen into various situations where they have to tilt their keyboards. They often tilt the keyboard at a 45 or 90-degree angle. This makes the task easy while playing. So, it is highly recommendable to use this giant tool if you are in a habit of tilting the keyboard. 

2. Consume Less Space

As the numeric keys are removed, the TKL keyboard saves space on your desk. That means you receive more space for mouse movement to give a rapid reply to enemies. This keyboard arrives as a savior for gamers who want a space-saving gaming setup. 

3. Travel Friendly

While a full-fledged keyboard is hard to carry, a TKL type keyboard can be easily taken from place to place. Not only this, but you can use it as well. This keyboard is only 80% of the size of a normal keyboard making it ideal for every situation. You can easily put them inside the backpack and take them anywhere you want. Moreover, they come with detachable USB cables that enhance portability. 

4. More ergonomic

During gaming, you will receive a lot of strain on the shoulders, wrist, and hands. While a TKL keyboard gets you close to the mouse that improves the alignment of your shoulder and arm. Therefore, use the keyboard for better ergonomics while gaming. 

Do TKL keyboards costlier? 

No, TKL keyboards are not expensive. You can have them at an affordable price. It is a niche product that comes under the category of a mechanical keyboard. And, mechanical keyboards are generally more expensive than membrane keyboards. Therefore, it’s only a fact that they are expensive. 

Take Away!

So, this is all about the TKL keyboard. We hope that you have understood and improved your knowledge of TKL. However, if you want to know further then make sure to tell us in the comment section. We will resolve all your doubts and queries regarding the use, price, and features of the tool. So, don’t forget to drop your concern below. 

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