How to Install Nova TV APK on Firestick ?

Nova TV Apk has the best feature to stream high-quality movies and shows. High-quality videos can be viewed in 1080p and Full HD. You can also pair this app up with premium hosts like Real Debrid.

Nova TV is great with FireStick. It is easy to navigate and has a remote-compatible interface.

Some Unique Features of Nova TV Apk

These are the top highlights:

  • Nova TV APK offers a large library of TV shows and movies
  • It’s a simple, user-friendly app
  • Sign in with Premiumiize, Real Debrid, and other premium hosts
  • Trakt sign-in is also possible
  • You can choose the categories/genres from the app’s home screen.
  • You can stream HD video from it

Installation Process of Nova TV APK on FireStick

FireStick permits the installation of third-party apps. However, this is not the case. These are some things that you might need:

  • FireStick Security Settings to Allow Apps From Unknown Sources
  • Sideloading utility/app (we’ll use the Downloader app for this guide).
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Both parts are covered in the below section. These are the steps:

  • First, load the FireStick home screen. This is where you want to be.
  • Now, use your FireStick remote to navigate to the top section of the screen and highlight the menu bar
  • Select the option Settings after the menu bar has been selected
  • Navigate to your right and click on the option My Fire TV
  • The next set of options is what you will see
  • Choose Developer Options now
  • If you see that Apps From Unknown Sources is off, click it to turn it ON
  • Click Turn On to confirm and then continue when the prompt appears
  •  Press the FireStick remote’s Home button. This will return you to the home screen
  • Navigate back to the top menu bar and choose the Search option at the upper-left corner
  •  Search for the Downloader app
  • Just type the first few letters, then click on Downloader in search suggestions (image below).
  • To install the app, you just need to follow the instructions on the screen
  •  Once the Downloader app is installed, you can access it.
  • You can choose to dismiss any prompts that you see by selecting the appropriate option on the screen
  • Click the URL section on the main screen.
  • Now, use this onscreen keypad and type the following path:
  • Check the URL again and ensure you have entered it correctly
  • Click GO, or press the Play/Pause buttons on your remote.
  • NovaTV APK file is now available for download on your device. It will take just a few seconds
  • Next, you’ll see this prompt
  • Click the button to install
  •  Nova TV APK FireStick App is now installed
  • Your Firestick has now been updated with Boom, Nova TV APK Firestick.
  • Click on Open to access free movies and TV shows.


Nova TV APK for FireStick allows you to enjoy all your favorite online videos. There are hundreds of TV shows and movies to choose from. It is extremely easy to use. You will not experience any performance problems because it is lightweight. It is an essential app for streamers.


Ques.1 What is Nova TV?

Nova TV is a video-on-demand streaming APK that allows you to watch movies and TV shows.

Ques.2 Which devices can support Nova TV APK

Nova TV works with Amazon Fire TV (FireStick & Fire TV Cube), Amazon Kindle, and Android Mobiles.

Ques.3 Nova TV is it a legal app?

This app is legal if you’re watching legally-licensed Movies and Shows. But, copyrighted content could land you in trouble

Ques.4 Do Nova TV allows me to download movies

Yes, you can. You should not download the app if you use it on FireStick devices or other low-storage devices.

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